ZS Series Horizontal Single-Stage Centrifugal Pump

SKU: 000009

Light weight & sturdy structure Energy efficient .

Pump design according to DIN24255, All the parts contact with liquid made of stainless steel with high efficiency. Standard TEFC IEC B35 motor driven, single phase up to 2.2kw. Max. working pressure 10 bar.

Major Applications :-

Water supply

Industrial liquid transfer

Water treatment, filtration

Slightly corrosive chemical transfer

Water supply : filtration in water works, transportation and sub area water carriage, pressurization of main duct ;

Industrial pressurization : flow wetting system, cleaning systems

Transportation of industrial liquid : water supply of boiler, condensed systems, cooling and air conditioning systems, Machine tool support, light acid and alkali transportation

Water treatment : distilled water system or separator, swimming pool, etc.

Irrigation of agricultural land, petrochemical industry, medicine and sanitation, etc

Key Features :-

ZS Stainless steel horizontal single – stage centrifugal pump is made by advanced techniques such as pressing bulging welding of corrosion resistant plate.

It is a new generation centrifugal pump and replaces traditional pump.

It features beautiful appearance, light and handy structure, high efficiency and energy saving, durable, corrosion proof, low noise, etc.

Performance Range :-

Flow Range (Q) 3.0 - 200 m³/hr
Delivery Head Max. 70 mtr (7.0 Bar)
Liquid Temperature -20 oC~+ 70 ° C
Speed (n) 2900 rpm
Power (P) up to 37 kW
MOC SS-304 & SS-316

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