Water Treatment

Raw Water Intake

CNP India pumps are energy efficient and cost effective and are perfect fits for your raw water intake system. We provide end to end solution for your raw water intake system application. Numerous businesses and civil offices require an expansive inflow of water for their procedures. Water admission stations taking care of inflows to the plants must keep the procedures working. Since water is required for the activity, dependability and high pump effectiveness are fundamental.

Drinking Water

CNP India gives end to end solution for water treatment projects. Depending upon the different technologies you use for your drinking water treatment projects, either large or small, CNP India provides fully automated, easy to handle and quick to install pumping systems serving in this sector since a decade. We provide tailored/customized options for water treatment projects depending upon the application.

Water Distribution

Market-driving pump advancement and weight control arrangements increment pump and framework effectiveness, guarantee redress water weight at the buyer, and high unwavering quality and clever observation of the water appropriation framework. Insightful segments and framework reconnaissance are bundled to construct exceptional weight administration arrangements that limit water misfortunes, decrease vitality utilization and limit operational expenses for breaks and pump support. CNP India supplies pumps and controls for the entire water distribution system

Ozone Mixing

CNP India Pumps are specifically designed for clear and low viscosity liquid, or liquid containing extra-fine foreign matters or explosive flammable liquid which containing very little solids. Major application includes air suspension treating equipment, ozone water preparing equipment, and biological treatment equipment,Misting treatment of clear water, pure water, foods, chemical solution and waste solution.

Clean Water Transfer

CNP India supplies a full line of equipment and solutions designed specifically for water utility applications. With us you can optimize, treat and pressure manage water supply and supplier of tailored solutions for the entire water treatment process. Downtime is reduced and risk minimization is built into dependable, energy efficient solutions. Also, low life cycle costs and the hydraulic stability necessary for effective mechanical, biological and chemical treatment


When water enters the tank an ideal gravitational filtering process begins in the unit. Small, lightweight particles fall a short distance before contacting the plates, where they stick together and are trapped. Clean water exits to a Water Recycling System or a disposal drain while sediment falls to the bottom of the tank, where routine removal is made easy with the integrated sediment pump system. CNP India supplies energy efficient pumps for filtration processes.

In-Line Circulation

CNP India provides In line type pumps which are easy to install Sturdy structure, requires minimum space, single stage in-line type. Our pump is not easy to be affected by the impurity in the pumped liquid. Covering applications like Industrial water and HVAC and In-line pressure boosting.

Dust Suspension

Water shower frameworks remain the most productive and practical methods for dust control for both process and outlaw residue emanations. CNP India pumping arrangement can move a lot of water in a brief span, making it conceivable to utilize a substantial spout setup and limit the requirement for filtration. The subsequent water can be sifted and treated for reuse in the mineral procedure, or for dust concealment.

Condensate Extract

Condensate units provide for an automatic return of hot water condensation from radiators, coils ,pipe etc.. to high to low pressure boilers . They are also utilized in industrial complexes for returning liquids to overhead storage tanks of gravitational circulation systems as well as many other unique uses. In a Duplex system , Single pump operation provides services when capacity and demand calls for normal service. The two models of pump used in the system operate alternately to extend the life of both pumps. Both pumps operate simultaneously when services demands exceed the capabilities of a single pump. CNP India pumps makes sure that the reliability of the complete system is maintained.