Public Sector Applications

Water Authorities

To operate widely distributed, decentralized pump stations more reliably, all parts of the plant must be integrated into a consistent, end-to-end system. That’s why it’s important that the components used be rugged, reliable and also work together perfectly. CNP India pumps provide perfectly fitting water pump systems to water authorities.

Health Authorities

CNP India provides pumping systems which works efficiently with the processes involved in health authorities and their campuses. From pressure boosting to water transfer we have provided several health authorities with same efficient and economical pump sets.

Oil & Gas

The process of extracting oil and gas resources, processing them, then delivering them to where they are required is dependent on an array of pumps and associated equipment.Transporting the water required for fracking to the well site. Pumping fluid into the wells at high pressure for the fracking process. The transportation of produced water away for treatment and/or reuse. o transport the extracted gas and/or oil to processing facilities.This process usually involves centrifugal pumps for recycling the separated glycerol and reciprocating pumps to re inject glycerol at the wellhead. CNP India Pumps are also often required to transport fluids needed for cooling, removing slurry, control of drilling mud, multi phase application, separating components, boosting pressure, emptying tanks, and other functions.