Municipal Utilities

Rivers & Lakes

When it comes to surface water intake of huge reservoirs like rivers and lakes, pumping systems which are strong and reliable are considered. CNP India provides it leading range of Vertical Turbine Pumps, End Suction Pumps and In Line Circulation pumps for the process.

Water Reservoirs

A water reservoir is an enclosed area for the storage of water to be used at a later date.The main parameters of the reservoir are the volume, the area inundated and the range that the water level can fluctuate. The basic function of an artificial reservoir is to change the rate of flow in the stream or to store water for more expedient use. Reservoirs are among the more useful means of controlling the natural character of water flows, instead of depending on nature. CNP India provides perfect pumping solution to reserve and fluctuate water periodically.

Flood Control

CNP India's flood water pumps are used to prevent or reduce the possibility or long-term effects of standing water and heavy water movement. Our pumps have been used in flood control applications since a decade. Such situation requires pumping systems which are robust and authentic.

Pumping Stations

Pumping stations are facilities including pumps and equipment for pumping fluids from one place to another. Pumping stations are used for a variety of infrastructure systems, such as the supply of water to canals, the drainage of low-lying land, and the removal of sewage to processing sites. CNP India provides "pumping station package" which is more efficient and economic.

Water Supply

Many kinds of pumps are used in water distribution/supply systems. Well pumps lift water from underground and discharge it directly into a distribution system.Pumps that increase the pressure within the distribution system or raise water into an elevated storage tank are called booster pumps. Most water distribution/supply pumps are of the centrifugal type. CNP India provides water supply pumps which are trusted by millions since a decade.

Auxiliary Cooling

Auxiliary coolant pumps are used to circulate coolant that is already warm to the heater core and sometimes to the batteries. The heater uses this fluid to help warm the air on cold days.If the auxiliary coolant pump isn't working right, heater can cool off and may not produce warm air. CNP India provides pumps which are perfectly suitable for this application.

Closed Cycle Cooling

Circulating Water is one of the important systems that affects the availability and operational efficiency of a thermal power plant. In a direct contact condenser, cooling water mixes with the steam. The evaporation of the water cools and condenses the steam. Closed cooling system where Circulating water is in a closed circuit. The Circulating water removes the heat from the condenser and flows to cooling towers. In the cooling towers an airflow, natural or forced, cools the water and the water returns to the condenser. CNP India provides pumps which works fine with these type of arrangements.