DRL Series Variable Speed PID Controlled Booster System


Energy efficient, constant water pressure, easy installation and easy to operate.

The system included pumps (2 to 5 pumps), variable speed PID controlled booster system, pressure gauge, valves, pipe, water tank and base.

Key Features :-

All the wet parts are made of 304 stainless steel.

Energy efficient

Constant water pressure

Easy installation and easy to operate

Major Applications :-

Industrial Water supply for high rise buildings, home complex and villas.

General Public spots for example hospital, school, gym, golfing courtroom and airport.

Business oriented building for example hotel, business building, department store, large-scale sauna

Irrigation for example park, amusement park, orchard, farm

Producing industry for example textile manufacturing, food industries and plants

For Water Supply System in Commercial & Apartments Buildings

Pressure Boosting In Hotels.

Pressure Boosting For Industrial Requirements.

Pressure Boosting For Higher Buildings.

Resident, water for living : Such as high-rise building, resident community,

Villa Public places : Such as hospital, school, gymnasium, golf court, airport

Commercial building : Such as hotel, office building, department store,

Large-scale sauna Irrigation : Such as park, amusement park, orchard,

Farm Manufacturing industry : Such as production manufacturing, washing device, food industry, factory

Performance Range :-

Flow Range (Q) 2.0 - 500.0 m3/hr
Delivery Head (H) Max. 16.0 Bar
Liquid Temperature -15°C ~ +70°C
Speed (N) 2900 rpm
MOC SS-304

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